OUR Motivation

We do not believe in the inner "Schweinehund" or motivation problems. Nor of 4-week diets. This is not only due to the false promises and the lack of scientific basis, but above all to the non-existent longevity and consideration of individual needs. Our top priority is to make our training available to everyone. It does not matter how old. No matter what level of performance. No matter what physical condition. Whether full-time athlete or weekend warrior.


has already improve the efficiency of a new quality of life for countless people from the field of elite sports, recreational athletes, management and much more. We are proud  to be able to offer you this sustainable health concept in your company.


3 different workshop / lecture topics including exercise-workout program. Our various topics are interlinked with our movement concepts.

Healthy and conscious diets

No, here you will not learn another 0815 diet that promises to lose weight in a few days. We talk about the underlying reasons for your diet. You will learn how to discover and change habits, their challenges and nutritional values. By doing so, we prevent the yo-yo effect and short-term renunciation and create a long-term conscious lifestyle that will make you feel powerful and energetic in your body.


  • Workout and exercise program:

Active prevention and functional training through: Movement-specific mobilization, muscular facilitation and stabilization of shoulders, knees and back.

Processes of psychological habit change for a healthy lifestyle

Learn through applied neuroscience and personality-behavior research the physical as well as psychological components for a healthy lifestyle. Subject areas: breathing, sleep, micro habits and being human hacks.
Get to know yourself even better.


  • Workout and exercise program:

Strength training / functional fitness / cross training / six-pack workout / HIIT / capacity workout - you are welcome to choose one of the popular workout courses that suits your target group.

From stress to mindfulness

Alpha Relaxation Trip: The alpha state is a hibernation in which the brain vibrates a little slower. Through a special interlocking of several stories and techniques in fantasy journeys, the creativity and the control of the parasympathetic nervous system during rest and regeneration phases are positively promoted and facilitated.

  • Workout and exercise program:

Active whole-body training and sports-specific balance training. With targeted cardiovascular power training and breathing techniques, we create the perfect balance for a healthy mind-body-connection.

Sport prevents diseases, both physical and psychological. With our practice and knowledge of sports and health background we want to pass on not only the physical part, but also the mental and psychological part of the sport and human processes of change, visibly and tangibly.
We have turned away from classic training methods and base our individual performance workshop and movement system on new approaches to effective neuro & sports science.

Our workshop and movement system is more than just training:

Our main goal is to create
healthy and fulfilling

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